Paola Quiñonez b. 1998


My work consists of an exploration of mixed media. I work with clay, paper mache, ceramics, digital art and photography. Most of my works are portraits, either of myself or people in my life. These portraits are made digitally or hand made with clay and painted with acrylic. They all represent moments and express life narratives through symbolisms of Costa Rican traditions and nowadays culture. 

I began this collection of work as a practice of clay portraits and it became an ongoing project. These works can be shown as an installation but can be presented as their own individual piece. There are up to 30 clay portraits, which individually represent a person or a temporary moment. Some of them are busts and some are ceramic masks that can be worn and are presented in some of my photographs. They individually represent different characters such as friends as devils or bulls which are inspired by Costa Rican traditions which also inspired the making of th paper mache heads and many of the masks. Overall they are a collection of moments which explore identity, a globalized culture and the part it plays in my life, all  made into clay.