Elena Minyeyevtseva


Elena Minyeyevtseva’s (° 1989, Kirovohrad, Ukraine, Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium) practice consists of drawings, 

paintings and textile experiments. 


At first sight, the work of Elena Minyeyevtseva offers a colourful dreamlike world - images inhabited by diverse creatures and fluid-like, moldable shapes. Her composite images are pieced together by the artist’s direct imagination, a place where elements share the same space but not necessarily relate to each other. 


While taking a closer look, the precise meaning of the elements remain more difficult to decipher by sight alone than initially thought. The elements much like memories are defected. They are suggestions of something else, a mixture of real and aloof storytelling.  “An outing of a desire to portray the intuitive, through an unconscious doodle like sculpting technique, showcases emotional unpredictability. “


Elena Minyeyevtseva carefully sculpts her subjects, layer by layer, through time consuming repetitive movements. As a result, the qualities of her work arise in the surfaces that shimmer, shine and reflect, turning into almost toxic metallic particles. The use of sharp stripes brings a sense of mass and a sense of dimensionality to her work. Moreover, the repetitive movements give the artist the ability to escape time and dissolve into the work itself. 


In the end, the process leads to a more intimate understanding of the artist’s inner world.