Santiago Evans

Santiago Evans, 2020

Short Bio and Statement

Santiago °1996 is an artist from Mexico City who grew up in different countries of the Americas and currently works and lives in Antwerp, Belgium. “I take inspiration from the autobiographical as well as historical and fictional references that have brought me a sense of wonder throughout my life. The work stands parallel to the constant change in my personal life and is an attempt to always maintain the childlike wonder and imagination I had while growing up my sketchbooks and drawings are a way to develop the different stories that I am working through in my head. When I paint, I use long brushstrokes to slowly find the image through the different textures and swathes of colour in the initial layers of paint. These elements, as well as the composition, are usually dictated by the material of the support I am using for the painting. The images become a kind of still from a movie showing a glimpse of the landscapes, interiors, and characters in my drawings. My work is influenced by observation, abstraction, and imagination. I create a world of magical realism that my younger and current self would be excited to jump into.”