Sarah De Vos


In Sarah De Vos' work, we recognise a clear interaction between photography and painting. Starting from photographic or filmic material, De Vos immerses her work in a certain theme and atmosphere. It is not unusual for De Vos to paint an image of an image. The artist usually first edits the image digitally, before further exploring it while she paints. This creates the opportunity for unexpected discoveries and thoughts. She is not afraid to relinquish control, giving it rise to an extra dimension.

De Vos’ practice can be approached as the play of light and shadow, in which reflections and contrasts dominate. Her technique requires time to absorb the work and prevents an unambiguous view. Through her work, Sarah De Vos not only wants to depict the intangible, she also wants to reflect. This album elaborates on the need to create, to shine and to stand out. A process that often unfolds with the inevitable pressure, the expectations from outside and from within, hence the title '4 stars out of 5'. De Vos' work is a reflection on today's visual culture: one in which images only seem to reach us through screens. In a world full of technology, Sarah De Vos manages to rediscover the tactile qualities of her immediate environment. The paintings in this presentation are strong on their own, but are undeniably interconnected, similar to individual songs linked to a music album.