Natasja Mabesoone: at The Wunderwall Antwerp

May 13 - Jun 13, 2021

Natasja Mabesoone (°1988, Knokke)

'Natasja Mabesoone's work consists of a series of layered soft ground etchings, combined with drawings and monotypes. Her work derives from various references and associations with the vernacular, literature or contemporary realities, and the subversiveness of the cute and the domestic as potential resistance. In contrast to graphic works that are often printed in an edition, each work is autonomous.
The title of her work nods to Fitzgerald’s eponymous short story.This series ‘Bernice Bobs Her Hair’ was initiated from an investigation in repetition within the work, starting from the biased idea and normative use of etching and graphic procedures as a means of mere reproduction.
Mabesoone's research into reproducibility and repetition coincides with a reflection on femininity and minor aesthetics such as decoration, craft and materials like marker, glitter, scratch letters and templates. The work deals with notions of sensuality and sexuality, powerlessness and aggressiveness and the social constructions they encompass.
By permutation of the morphemes of the title, the content is deconstructed. They bring out new combinations and challenge the layered medium of etching, researching its reproduction and repetition, so that the iterations become alterations or modifications of the same. At the same time, the associations cease to exist and the pregnant B as form and counter form encloses the work. For example, in drawing a B quickly, one obtains a heart shaped sign and from there another shape is created.'