Katarina Janeckova Walshe: The Wunderwall Antwerp

Jun 19 - Jul 11, 2021

Janeckova documents her life in various portraits and depictions of figures in peculiar or provocative situations, combining unvarnished reality and psychological fantasy. Her images are dominated by female subjects who occupy female spaces such as kitchens, bedrooms, and balconies; they are nude and pretty, though posed in opposition with power and influence. Janeckova examines relationships, with herself and perceived partners, while prompting the viewer, through her representations and symbolism, to connect what they see to their own sexuality, identity, and history.


The title of the series “Ten Languages of Love” is playing on the popular book “5 languages of Love”. Talking about communication in relationships, deepening the understanding of our own love languages- the differences in ways we show and receive love.


For some it’s listening, for other one it’s touch, exploring sexuality or unexpected surprises. We can show our love the way we think it’s right but unless it matches with the love language of our lover, it might not fulfill their “well of emotions” or make them feel as loved as we would expect. Following up topics of my previous shows as “secrets of a happy household” in Berlin and latest “The importance of maintaining flexibility” in Slovakia and playing with (typically masculine) Texan symbols such as hats and cowboy boots. Janeckova decided to create this wall of ideas of how love dynamics and caring for each other could look and feel like. Simultaneously studying this subject for herself doing so with humour and lightness and making (love) life more BEAR-able.