Ruohan Wang

Ruohan Wang, The Gravitation 01 - Movement, 2017

Ruohan Wang is a Chinese-German artist and designer based in Berlin, Germany. After graduating from the Berlin University of Arts in 2017, she founded her studio in Berlin and worked as an illustrator and artist of art prints, public art, installation and fashion. Her solo and group exhibitions have been held in Berlin, New York, Antwerp, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities. She has created visual projects for public institutions from all over the world, including the Goethe Institute, Humboldt University, Bauhaus University, the German Ministry of Labor. Her cooperative commercial brands include: Nike, UGG, Off- White, The New York Times and The New Yorker etc. Ruohan's work focuses on experimental illustrations with the theme of "movement", installations and improvisational aesthetics. Her work comes from the ingenious interweaving of contrasting and pure colors. The growth and practice in a multicultural background has established the rationality of the surreal world in her works.