Marian Wijnvoord


Born 1966 in Westerschouwen, the Netherlands. Marian Wijnvoord studied painting at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Amsterdam. After having taught painting for several years in the United States at Alfred University, NY, she returned to Europe in 1997 - moving from Paris to Berlin, where she now works and lives. 


Wijnvoord is a painter whose work lies close to a certain definition of painting itself: the illusion of space created on a flat surface. Looking at her work, we see brushstrokes—paint and nothing more. Still, we believe in the space within the painting. Contradictions guide us through her paintings: figuration versus abstraction, the physicality of paint versus the ephemerality of the image. It is in the moments when both worlds hold that the magic of her painting operates. 


Wijnvoord has exhibited internationally for over 30 years. Her recent exhibitions include solo shows at the Greek State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki and the National Center for Contemporary Arts, St. Petersburg. Recent artist’s residencies in Russia and Norway have pulled her image-making to the North, most recently in a one-month stay above the Arctic Circle.