Lien Buysens : At The Wunderwall Antwerp

Oct 15 - Nov 20, 2022

Lien Buysens (°1988, Waregem - lives and works in Ghent) graduated in 2010 as Master of Fine Arts at the College of Science and Art in Ghent. Buysens plays on the viewer's imagination, not everything is visible or tangible at a first glance. Her work often fluctuates between idea, sketch and final image, which blurs the line between final work and sketch. The repetitive aspect is an often recurring element in Buysen's oeuvre. Working on different scales and sizes makes the viewer look at the work in a very focused way. She often depicts homelike scenes in which recognizable and everyday objects and utensils play the leading role. Jugs, bowls, flowers and kitchen ware are depicted in single lines, planes and colors. Everything feels familiar. Through focused and attentive observation, a (re)appreciation of these seemingly banal objects emerges.