Flexboj & LA


Flexboj & LA is a creative duo. Over the years studying together their separate styles and ideas grew together to become one, which led to the decision of becoming a collective. In their bright, colorful, playful (but at the same time sarcastic, morbid and sinister) work they try to question what art really means, the holy aura that hangs around art, the authenticity of an artist and the role of an artist/person in a modern society. Their work is created by mixing images from pop culture, comics, cartoons, magazines, punk flyers, other art, etc. with their own ideas and imagery. Flexboj & L.A. try to express their selves in every field that can be seen as artistic. For example: painting, journalism, installation, fashion, etc. In that way art becomes a playful game like a child that's having fun playing soccer with his friends.