Judit Kristensen


With a playful and light touch Judit Kristensen (b. 1990, Sweden) draws and paints the scenery of her life: autobiographical components are combined with elements from our everyday existance like televisions and iphones. Her works often place the viewer in the position of a bystander to emotionally charged narratives that plays out in the intimacy of private domestic space. Her subject matter is rooted in our everyday reality, but for her reality is just an inspiration, and poetry the guideline.


In her current project Corona Isolation Series Kristensen explores the experience of claustrophobia, days and nights rolling into one, boredom, and isolation deriving from self quarantine during Covid 19. Kristensen is currently finishing her MFA in Sweden and has previously been part of exhibitions in Eighteen Gallery in Copenhagen, the Hole Gallery in New York, and at the Royal Palace in Sweden.