Sophie Varin


She holds a MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam
after getting a BA at the Beaux Arts de Paris and studying at the Hunter College School of Art, New York.


"I’m going to begin with what you say about the gaze and the fantasy - more incarnated than reality itself- as you were saying earlier. I’ve been thinking a lot about situations of desire while making these works and how desire is able to completely override what is seen. Brutally, desire allows itself all extrapolations of the real, and painting for me has been the same thing. There are characters that are kind of blind, heavy color-shadings, bodies crushed to the ground... like a stupor under high heat. Because of that, the scenes seem invaded by a kind of fever. A drunkenness - but not necessarily from alcohol- maybe even a hallucination. Then we understand well it’s not about situating the depicted storyline but accepting to share the curious and troubled state of someone that has been observing for too long, or has been dreaming for too long, or has tried to remember for too long. I believe, as you say, that I’ve been trying to transpose a language-mumble to one of the gaze, of emotions and of colors. It’s kind of the first time
that I openly try to convoke emotions. At least I think that these mute characters, caught, would urgently like to say something. Embarrassed, they speak without words, maybe with their eyes, and the mumble here comes as a thing that would like to be shared without being known." excerpt of an interview with feeelings as the press release for The Mumble The Attractor