Marlies De Clerck


Marlies De Clerck (°1988, lives and works in Brussels, Belgium)


In 2019 De Clerck was awarded the honorable mention in the competition Art Contest Brussels and had a solo exhibition in M HKA.


In my work I focus on recognizable scenes and objects. The everyday fascinates me immensely, especially in the context of decay and past glory. I want to reflect on the status and symbolic charge that is attributed to objects and places, be they works of art, archaeological fragments or luxury items. It strikes me that their status is constantly shifting over the centuries, but also across cultures. Those fluctuations in symbolic and monetary value have an impact on our society.


For me, painting is therefore the medium for deepening critical image research in this context. Evidences and customs are taken out of context and updated. The everyday, like the luxurious, is isolated and reinterpreted through mixtures of cliché, reproduction and kitsch. Painting as a mirror for our existence.


Consisting of a total of 32 paintings, this ‘Paradise’ series depicts 2 times 16 chess pieces in both black and white. It’s a conceptual play focusing on the tension between the banality of the object and the symbolic force attached to each unique piece.